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Post by catl » February 21st, 2020, 2:11 pm

bballparent wrote:
February 21st, 2020, 9:05 am
Greycat is right! Here is what I know. Ranke is a huge key on how this team rolls and the coaching staff knows it. She has played through many injuries since she's been here without missing a game until the major foot injury. These injuries have really held her back somewhat. She has skills to do anything on the court including playing defense at a high level. She struggled defensively at times as a freshman but that has changed. The coaching staff wanted her to shoot 3's. Period! Carr misses Ranke the most. Shooting 19% since she has been out. Unfortunately Carr is feeling the pressure. Simmons can shoot well trust me. I believe she will become a good player and is showing signs of that. The rest of the players I'm not sure of yet. Many of you have mention the guard play. Well it all starts at the point. This team desperately needs a decent point guard. I think the point guard play has been very sub par and selfish at times this season. The floor needs to be spread out more and it usually doesn't happen much. Forcing the ball inside constantly doesn't win many games but what choice have they had because players either are not stepping up or just aren't capable. Ayokie and Peyton will continue to pad their stats standing under the basket because it's the only way this team has been scoring. Unfortunately, I really don't see post season unless something drastically changes over the last half dozen games.
Point guard play is a big part of it, but the inability of the current guards to hit wide open 3s is astounding. It's actually the worst outside shooting womens team I've seen at K-State. I do think a healthy Ranke would make a difference on this team, but it usually takes more than 1 shooter that can hit outside shots, It's hard to believe how many 3 point shots our present starting guards miss on a consistent basis.

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Post by wazucat » February 21st, 2020, 3:06 pm

One injury, Ranke, and the team completely collapses? Mittie and staff have failed to find players that can hit an open 3 point shot. Deb Patterson had an entire bench of wings who for the most part could only be expected to hit open shots and do not much else. I will never believe that he could not recruit a couple zone breaking slow steady shooting guards that could keep defenses somewhat honest.

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Post by tmcats » February 21st, 2020, 3:15 pm

ranke is a good shooter. carr was thought to be a great recruit. the two of them a few years ago would have thought to bring considerable outside shooting skills. i'm sure mittie struggles with the clown-suit tcu's young female coach brings for him to wear game after game.
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