K-State versus Wichita State - 4 game series

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Re: K-State versus Wichita State - 4 game series

Post by AJcat7755 » July 15th, 2020, 2:03 pm

gdgjr78 wrote:
July 14th, 2020, 9:29 pm
DCSCAT75 wrote:
July 13th, 2020, 6:59 pm
Saw in an article on the KSU site that KSU was to get 5,000 tickets for the games against WSU in Intrust Bank Arena. The place seats 15,000----so does WSU get the other 10,000 seats? Doesn't seem like a neutral crowd.
Wsu fans are already clamoring for tickets to the Intrust game. This is their shot to take down KSU and have bragging rights. Intrust will be at least 2/3 wsu fans, at least.
So KSU isn't going to sell their allotment and/or their won't be a single KSU fan that buys a ticket outside of their school? KSU is given 5k in allotment, the arena holds 15k. So if KSU just sells their 5k, that already ruins your at least 2/3 WSU fans theory. Seems like a pretty bad claim to make given that KSU v. Colorado State sold 9k in tickets, and I doubt many of those were Colorado State fans. So if KSU can get 9k for measly, unranked, not local Colorado State, claiming they can't even get 5k of their fans in there for WSU seems like a very bad bet.

Not to mention, the first game is an exhibition. What happens if KSU, with a really young squad, beats WSU in this exhibition? And what happens if WSU has a bad year. How much excitement will there be in the following year for WSU fans?

Your acting like this is a WSU home game in that they control the tickets, which they do not. Both teams should get equal allotment, and the rest goes on sale to the public, which Wichita being the largest KS city, would have a lot of KSU alumni that they can at least sell their allotment and a few tickets to the public. In fact, my family, living in Wichita, will be attending the game as KSU fans.

Lastly, there are also a lot of fans, living in Wichita, that are both KSU and WSU fans. Although they werent WSU fans 20 years ago, they bought into the local team after recent successes. Who's to say which team they will root for, or many they just root for a good game and are neutral?

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