So what do we think of Fran's comments

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Re: So what do we think of Fran's comments

Post by epicsnyder » February 4th, 2020, 4:29 pm

Puffdad wrote:
February 4th, 2020, 1:16 pm
Gorhoops wrote:
February 4th, 2020, 1:09 pm

I have no idea puff, but the reason I first thought it may be coming from the coaches is when Fran said his mind was on professional basketball. I am not sure where Fran would come up with that information. Now, my guess would be, behind closed doors with the coaches in a meeting yesterday, one of the coaches may have said something to Fran about why Carti is not starting, body language etc and in passing the coach may have said, "well, we can't get his head on Kstate basketball, he's too worried about the pro's," or something like that, not meaning for it to be used on the broadcast.

I think coaches are usually pretty honest about their teams when talking in normal conversation. If Fran used information from what might have been considered just a chat among longtime coaching colleague buddies, I don't like that. However, if you are saying it to a media member, it is fair game for the world to hear.

I agree that I don't see many comparisons between Carti and Foster. To me Foster was actively trying to sabotage the team and bring others down. I don't think Carti is doing that at all. I just think he is not 100% committed to winning at this point.

I will say this, one of the beat writers had a pic of Carti yesterday two hours before the game out shooting by himself in uniform. He still appears to be working on his game. Whether that is for the pro's or what, who knows, but he is still working at it.

If Cartier thinks he’s going pro next year, he’s in for a huge shock.
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Post by xtrawildcat » February 4th, 2020, 6:56 pm

I would be interested to know how we determine diarra is not 100% committed to winning.

Weber is not starting him because he is committing too many tovs. Most come trying to pass. Is he turning it over to enhance his pro prospects.

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Post by KITNooga » February 4th, 2020, 9:27 pm

tmcats wrote:
February 4th, 2020, 1:18 pm
coach addresses carti/fran thingy in post-game presser.
I love the kid. which only exacerbates the frustration.

he's a unique personality. and I wouldn't even know how to try and get the potential out of him.

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Post by ChemEngCat » February 4th, 2020, 10:04 pm

First, I think it was unprofessional of Fran to call out a player to that extent. I think Carti has been in a tough spot. He was called on to be the point guard which is not where his natural talents lie. He was forcing too much and had too many turnovers. I hope for his sake he has an amazing game on Saturday to take some of the pressure off and quiet some of the criticism. He’s a kid ....

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Post by WIldWIllieCat » February 4th, 2020, 10:40 pm

I thought Fran was walking a very, very fine line. Nothing wrong with offering up your opinion, but that was pretty strong language. After 24 hours to reflect on it, I actually think it reflects more poorly on Fran than Carti.
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Post by learnin » February 4th, 2020, 11:56 pm

I believe Fran probably said too much. Cartier is an enigma to this poster. I don't know exactly what to think. If I recall correctly, I believe I mentioned something, last year, about his body language. I've often thought he has a tendency to pout. On the other hand, he plays hard to win. I'm certain of that. When he couldn't get his shot off early in the year, he started driving and passing to shooters. He was putting up shots two hours before the game yesterday. No, this guy's not a slacker. I still believe he's a team player.

Yet, on the other hand, his body language doesn't look good at times. Perhaps that's just Cartier's personality. It appears to me that everyone on this team is playing their hearts out so I don't believe Cartier is copping a destructive attitude or trying to drag any one down. If he is, no one's biting like during Foster's melt down when younger players looked up to the NBA prospect.

How does a coach proceed? Not an easy answer, here. First of all, this is a young man's life. A parent sends their son to a school hoping he will get good advice and instruction; hoping he will get proper discipline and direction so he will be molded into maturity. Without knowing everything, I would hesitate saying how a coach should proceed. What I do know is that Cartier defends hard, goes to the bucket hard and shoots well when he is open. I know K-State wouldn't have an elite 8 or a conference championship without his contribution. I wouldn't be surprised if he tries the graduate transfer option over the summer but, until then, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
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Post by xtrawildcat » February 4th, 2020, 11:59 pm

I don't think turning the ball over is what Diarra intended to do this year. But I also remember Barrys junior year when he averaged 3 tovs a game in Big 12 play vs Cartis 3.4, And Barry had 13 turnovers in the two games against WVU that year. But he got better has he learned to play with the ball in his hands more vs earlier in his career.

This is Cartis response when asked about going pro back in Oct as the season was just getting started.
: You think you will test the NBA waters next offseason?

CD: I'm a realistic person with myself. I feel like I have the talent. I can be a pro. But if I don't do what I need to do on the court and put, not only the numbers, but the winning into it, then I don't feel like I'm ready. That's going to be based off of how I do during the season. But I have the opportunity, it's just going to come down to preparation. I feel like I've been preparing very well but still have more to do. It will be a thought later on in the season, but if I'm not winning and it don't look good, then I'm going to come back definitely for another year. It's mostly winning, because coach always tells us, if you want to go to the NBA 80 percent of the NBA people that get drafted went to the NCAA Tournament. Can't finish 9th in the conference, can't finish 8th or 7th. You have to be at the top of the league.

KSO: Do you see yourself being the main ball handler this season carrying the ball up the floor and being a playmaker considering the other PG options on the team?

CD: I think it will be a mixture. I kind of want to be off the ball, because I'm really good at coming off of pin down curls. I can curl really well. I want to play off the ball because, when you bring up the ball all the eyes are on you, so if I can play off the ball and eyes aren't on me I can maneuver and do what I want to do, but I'll probably have the ball most of the time, but I'll try to pass the ball and do all sorts of things. It's going to be a good thing, everybody is going to get their shots up. We really going to be running.
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Post by SCKSCat » February 5th, 2020, 7:05 am

We don't need controversy when we are trying to grow a future team. I think our players are trying to hard because they want to win. We are not getting trounced. People forget Catier is pretty new to the game as he really started playing at a late age. Good kid. Let's celebrate the kid and not a lust for winning all costs.
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Post by WIldWIllieCat » February 5th, 2020, 7:39 am

Odd strawman, who's advocating "winning [at] all costs"?
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Post by xtrawildcat » February 5th, 2020, 9:31 am

I hope that those critical of Carti also remember some of the criticism about Kam and Barry Brown during the junior year. Selfish players out to get their own, etc.
I talked to another poster about that criticism of those two and suggested the narrative won't change til we win more games. And it didn't til we were into the Big 12 race their junior year and then criticism of Brown came around. Criticism of Stokes continued til about half way through the Big 12 season his senior year. The posts are all there for those who want to search for them.

Diarra is in the same spot. Team is losing and as the highest usage player he catches the most blame. Body language is studied and used as proof he doesn't care every time he makes a bad pass or takes a shot that is forced. (If it was at the end of the shot clock, it is because he dribbled the ball out top til the shot clock ran out, never because a team mate didn't get open or passed up a better shot.)

An example of this: Remember all the comments about Stokes smiling after the over threw a lob pass. So bad execution must be explained away by attitude, facial expression, lack of team leadership, playing to go pro, etc.

And it will continue with Carti til we start winning more.

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