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Post by xtrawildcat » February 10th, 2019, 7:19 pm

Villanova looked like they were going to be down some this season. However, they are now 10 -1 in the Big East conference and ranked number 19 in the country. Just lost by one at number 10 Marquette this weekend for their first conference loss.

Interesting to me that in conference play they are averaging 31 threes a game and making them at 37,5%. Taking 24.4 twos in conference play and making them at 55%.

I doubt if many basketball experts would advocate taking 55% of your shots from three but certainly seems to be working for them.

I think this also shows that recruiting and coaching up athletic guys who can shoot will become more important every year. Our recruits signed for next year appear to fit that mold.

Villanovas performance in the tournament this year will be particularly interesting.
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Post by katlander » February 10th, 2019, 10:02 pm

You know I can see the advantages of taking a lot of 3s. If you have really good shooters and let them fire away without fear of retribution they will likely make a very good percentage. Practice makes perfect. Hitting 37.5% means scoring (3X3.75) 11 points for every 10 treys taken. You would have to hit 55% of your 2 pointers to get the same bang for the buck. The additional benefit of stretching the D would likely also create better inside looks and a consequent better 2 pointer percentage. Most teams shoot around 35% from 3. If you could just make one more 3 for every 20 taken you are at 40%. 2 more and you are at 45% Granted you would need the right personnel, to share the ball, and to make good decisions but numbers don't lie.

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Post by learnin » February 11th, 2019, 2:55 am

I watched part of that game. Isn't it amazing how, in conference (and playing Villanova), 40 fouls weren't called and Howard didn't shoot over 20 free throws. Increasingly, the game is going to be the 3 and drive with the occasional butt your way into the goal for a lay in. That's the low post game now. Butt your way in and back your defensive man into the goal. The only thing that stops it is the double team.

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