Week 15 KSU Football Pick'Em Winner.

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Pick 'Em

Week 15 KSU Football Pick'Em Winner.

Post by Willie78 » December 9th, 2019, 8:12 am


Let me start by saying I screwed up on the Army/Navy game. When I post week 15 I did not realize that this game was the following week. Therefore I have given everyone who posted their games a win for the game, Sorry.

Now on to the winner of week 15. With a record of 14-1 we had just one person on top. The Winner of Week 15 of the KSU Football Pick'Em was...……. WanaBKat!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on the win WanaBKat!!!!

Here is how the week was for the rest of us;
WanaBKat 14-1
tmcats 13-2
wild@nite 13-2
Watutalkaboutwillis 13-2
purpledolphincat 12-3
Hoss_KSU 12-3
Willie78 12-3
BornWildcat 12-3
ksudenny 12-3
PurpleWildcat 12-3
RichardZ 12-3
BamaCat 11-4
Jax 11-4
PurpleOnWhite 11-4
Catbacker83 11-4
02Cat 11-4
ksuian 11-4
bhoovy 10-5
danvet82 10-5
ArKSU 10-5
ChemEngCat 9-6

I will have the Final Standings and the Winner of this years 2019 KSU Football Pick"Em post in just a few minutes.

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BamaCat (December 9th, 2019, 9:34 am)

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Pick 'Em

Post by WanaBKat » December 10th, 2019, 9:00 pm

It has to be the broken watch theory. My picking home teams philosophy hadn't worked out prior to this.

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