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Re: KSU vs ISU

Post by Ksuminnesotacat » November 30th, 2019, 11:10 pm

bhoovy wrote:
November 30th, 2019, 11:02 pm
Ksuminnesotacat wrote:
November 30th, 2019, 10:47 pm

Ok every time you feel the need to diss on the new staff continue on. Meanwhile the rest of us will enjoy the ride btouchy. :rofl:
It wasn’t a diss, but unfortunately some have to put there own interpretation on it instead of taking it for what it said and I’m sure it’s because you’re trying to mesh another post from another thread to it.

I haven’t been dissing the staff, but made one post, mostly out of frustration and if I pulled every post from every thread where someone made a comment about a coach or player or team, likely because they were frustrated, it would be the overwhelming majority of the board. But I get people have emotions and don’t feel the need to link every post to that one or two or even three.

And I did enjoy the game and had fun watching it even in the less than spectacular plays.

But go ahead, you obviously have an agenda. Try to have a good night.
No agenda just pointing out maybe try and have a little fun? Good post now let’s look at number nine on the year and a strong finish to a better than expected season.

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Post by WildcatGrad90 » November 30th, 2019, 11:26 pm

Very happy for the seniors! Great way for them to go out. And great leadership (I'm sure) by each of them to embrace the new coaching staff and buy in to a new system.

Saw some very positive things tonight and some things that are still concerning. I know the wind was a big factor tonight, but I just don't know as I sit here and reflect on the entirety of the year if Skylar is the guy that can take us to the next level. I really wish Holcombe would've stuck it out because I think he could've challenged for a starting spot next year. The poor reads, under/over throws and the lack of poise in the pocket is a concern for me. To think if we could've moved the ball against UT on our last possession and the poor throw to Shoen against WVU....uggggh those hurt. Yes, he was brilliant against OU, but there was such a lack of consistency all year by Skylar that I don't know how much that improves next year. I hate to dog on a kid, but he's got to play better or we just either fish or cut bait and get someone else in there.

It will be interesting to see where we end up for a bowl, but the extra practices and a decent bowl will help the overall confidence in our team. Great first year by Coach K and the assistants! Let's win one more guys! EMAW!

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Post by Tulsacat » November 30th, 2019, 11:46 pm

It looked like in the second half that K-state wanted it more. At least on defense. ISU dropped a lot of balls and fell down short of a first down often . I think the cold wind had a lot to do with that. I really think our defense won this game. They kept the pressure on, forced mistakes and finally inspired the offense in the fourth quarter. :powercat: :powercat: :powercat:

Great win cats. It's a great night to be a Wildcat!

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Post by kstueve » November 30th, 2019, 11:46 pm

Last coach not named Snyder to record more than 7 wins in a season at K-State?

Lowman - 1912

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Post by Tbonespop » December 1st, 2019, 1:49 am

powercat5000 wrote:
November 30th, 2019, 10:30 pm
bhoovy wrote:
November 30th, 2019, 10:25 pm

Didn’t say it didn’t. But was it not conservative? Didn’t say it was good or bad just conservative.
It was conservative, but it was effective. I don’t fault Messingham at all today, great game!
Messingham called a GREAT game today IMO. Had we had a WR and RB capable of catching a pass in the first half, we would have put up at least another 6-10 points. The defense was really good overall. It was frustrating to see us give up so much on the slant routes to them. All we have to do in that situation is line up J Mac on an inside shade to give him a half step on the position. If we cut off those few slant routes, ISU wouldn't have done anything offensively. But other than those two issues (dropped passes and cutting off inside slant routes), this was a very well played game. Tough to throw in that wind. the INT on Skylar was definitely a casualty of the wind. Purdy should have been picked when he threw it straight to Patton and hit him in the hands. Just not a game geared toward throwing passes beyond about 10 yards.

Very perplexing that Campbell didn't use his timeouts on our last possession in which we kicked the FG. We just bled the clock down and milked 2 minutes off of it just running the ball into the back of our OL. That was really poor clock management on his part. You use your timeouts when on defense because you can control what you do when you have the ball on offense. Just really bad game management by him. Regardless, with the weather and KSU being up 2 scores, it was going to be a tall order to tie the game up.

ISU and KSU are very evenly matched athletically right now. They have better TEs (FAR better than ours), but our WRs are more athletic. And every time Hall ran the ball, I got pissed at the previous coaching staff for doing a crappy recruiting job. Hall is stud. Speaking of STUDs, how about Jacardia Wright? He's a stud in the making. He just needs more reps to get a little better about letting holes develop and following his blockers. He's a bigger body guy that also has speed (extra gear). He will be a stud for us for the next 4 years.

Lots of positives to take away from this game. The biggest hands down was getting the 8th win on the season and restoring order of beating Iowa State.

All in all, a fantastic season IMO (all things considered). 9 points shy of being 10-2 on the season

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Post by MajorAppleCat » December 1st, 2019, 2:11 am

Happy for the win. A must win to get a better bowl game.

Special teams were special.

No stupid penalties... must have worked on eliminating those since last week.

Offense played well under the circumstances, except for dropped passes.

Defense played very well... as usual. However, tackling remains a concern.

Could have easily been a blow-out.

Students decided not to show up for an important game (Kstate and KU really need to schedule their game following Thanksgiving.)
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Post by ArKSU » December 1st, 2019, 2:15 am

As a 2nd generation coach, H.S. and College, who grew up around HOF coaches, it is just awesomely funny reading all these experts who wouldn't know a power play from a speed option.

Can't find my Duffy Daughtery book an the Winged T right now but every version of the RPO is covered in that book. Used to base my Veer, RPO, and Spread Option on. Even stole some Broken Bone and Speed Option from Duffy.
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Pick 'Em

Post by wild@nite » December 1st, 2019, 2:15 am

This was a big win for future recruiting, imo. ISU's rb is a Wichita kid and a good one. ISU has a couple of Kansas's top commits. CK and company sent a message tonight. Go Cats!!

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Post by mustang » December 1st, 2019, 2:42 am

Kansas State has owned this series, lots of close wins and the game this year was a little more comfortable. I personally think Campbell is building a special program that should year in year out fight with K-State for the upper tier of the league.Next season will be a crazy Thursday night in Ames, this while being terribly one sided is a nice rivalry. I made it to a pair of K-State this season and was impressed in several facets. The honor and dignity shown Coach Snyder is awesome and the love of playing for each other as the famous family really makes one feel very good. Bill Snyder built a powerful legacy and Chris Kleiman is doing things in a very Snyder way, this is working quite well. Manhattan is a neat and undervalued college town. Hoping to get back for a basketball game!

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Post by csteel25 » December 1st, 2019, 8:40 am

I was down on Mess the first half a bit, but second half he figured something out. When he gets it rolling, his playcalling is incredibly creative. I think we hired the right coach. Very good time to be a K-State fan. And I will go ahead and say this. I think we have the top DC in the country.

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