Tank Young?

Welcome Chris Klieman to K-State!
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Tank Young?

Post by kstater2000 » July 27th, 2020, 1:30 pm

What is the story with his recruiting? From what I can read up on is very talented, but not sure why only one offer.
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Post by KsJoey » July 27th, 2020, 2:02 pm

Great question, and I've wondered as well. I know our staff has recruited him, but have obviously liked other RBs better. He is a bit undersized and not overly fast (4.79 -40), though maybe that's changed some too. But he's been tearing it up at St. Thomas with a lot of Yards and TDs.

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Pick 'Em

Post by AJcat7755 » July 27th, 2020, 4:21 pm

What does it say that he only has 1 offer, from ISU, that he hasn't committed to? It tells me that the ISU offer isn't even actionable anymore. ISU already has a 5'6", 170LB RB in their 2021 class, they don't need to take 2 of them.

KSU already got theirs last year with Duece Vaughn. You don't really need this type of RB every year. KSU really wanted Devin Neal this year, or someone similar in skill/size. A 5'11", 200+lb RB that is more your every down back. All of the 2021 offers were to bigger backs.

It also tells me his lack off offers it that his stats and yards are more of a production of his offensive line that is probably more suited for a G5 level then they are for highschool sports. In other words, his OL is outclassing it's competition making RBs look good. But when you break down Tank on his own, he isn't that impressive. He's small, not powerful, not super fast, but he does have good vision and hands to make him a good HS RB behind a good OL that can open up in space. If he was bigger, then you can be ok with not being as fast, but he is smaller and unfortunately, he won't likely be getting much bigger, so without crazy speed, his upside is a bit limited.

I know everyone likes to bring up Sproles comparison, but Tank (despite the cool name) doesn't have Sproles strength, his shiftiness or those wicked spin moves. And Sproles was generational talent, so it's hard to be like him. He is probably closer to Demarcus Robinson, but still not as shifty. If you will remember, Robinson was the next Sproles that never happened, but he was serviceable his SR year for 400+ yards.

I'm guessing Tank ends up at a G5 school, or on the deep end of a P5 bench where he plays late in his carrer. Nothing against him, it's just a situation and numbers game. Maybe he would try to walk on to KSU if he doesn't get a better offer.

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