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by Texan4KSU
Today, 12:13 pm
Forum: Football
Topic: power ranks k-state at #3 ...
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Re: power ranks k-state at #3 ...

This was a big jump but in review might be earned. Because of the 2 fumbled punt returns we lost 2 possessions. We ran about 20 fewer offensive plays than they did. Our defense minus 2 starters were able to rise to the occasion and in the heat and humidity held up really well. Our offense was produc...
by Texan4KSU
Yesterday, 3:30 pm
Forum: Football
Topic: wonder what zuber is thinking today?
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Re: wonder what zuber is thinking today?

Massie looks to be giving him some comforting words. I think it was Massie who made a statement earlier this year about looking forward to playing Delton. I believe we will have Deltons number if hes still in the lineup.......
by Texan4KSU
September 18th, 2019, 11:08 pm
Forum: Football
Topic: OK.ST game. Defensive matchup
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Re: OK.ST game. Defensive matchup

Much like the MSU game I think our experienced and physical OL and DL will set the mood for a promising outcome. We cut down on the mistakes and this game will be fun to watch. We have some good athletes in our secondary and I Like that Goolsby is our leader back there. We get Neil back and calm Jon...
by Texan4KSU
September 17th, 2019, 7:29 pm
Forum: Football
Topic: After ESPN+ purchase, now what?
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Re: After ESPN+ purchase, now what?

Times are definitely changing. I believe in the next 5-10yrs sports attendance will be taking a big hit. Lots of large and new stadiums will be less than full. The older generation who grew up watching sports will be getting old and less likely to travel. The younger generation has so many distracti...
by Texan4KSU
September 15th, 2019, 9:53 pm
Forum: Football
Topic: Delton starter at TCU
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Re: Delton starter at TCU

I am definitely looking forward to that game. I think both QBs will struggle against us. Coach Klein knows pretty well what Delton can and cant do and expect him to give our defensive coaches the inside scoop on him.
by Texan4KSU
September 15th, 2019, 8:06 pm
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Topic: Defensive thoughts
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Defensive thoughts

Not sure how big time of an offense they have, but thier running back is good and they have size and athletes out there. We played without 2 of our best players in Hubert and Neil and still was able to rise to the occasion. I like the upside or defense has and think we will continue to get better ev...
by Texan4KSU
September 13th, 2019, 10:14 pm
Forum: Football
Topic: K-State vs MS St...... updates from Starkville
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Re: K-State vs MS St...... updates from Starkville

I think we show up with our A game tomorrow. I think coach CK knows how to prepare for these big games and this is a big game for us and his program. We will need to use a lot of guys tomorrow and I like that we were able to get so many reps for so many guys the first 2 games. My only concern is the...
by Texan4KSU
September 13th, 2019, 10:05 pm
Forum: Football
Topic: The BC vs. KU
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Re: The BC vs. KU

I watched a little bit of this game, BC QB is not very good, they are a power run type team, not a come from behind passing team. Also, their defense is bad. I doubt ku replicates these offensive numbers against anyone, home or away this year. Very strange game.
by Texan4KSU
September 11th, 2019, 12:39 pm
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Topic: VS MSU... What do you want to see?
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Re: VS MSU... What do you want to see?

I definitely want to see Hubert on the field. What is his status? Our DL and its depth could be a difference maker in this game, especially if the heat becomes a factor. I would also like to see no players cramping. Hydrate and then hydrate some more. I hope we are at full force this Saturday.
by Texan4KSU
September 8th, 2019, 1:07 pm
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Topic: What goes down at Starkville?
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Re: What goes down at Starkville?

I'm thinking we'll be a 4-6pt dog in this one. If we can get thru the 1st quarter and not make any mistakes from being on the road in a big setting I like our chances. I expect solid OL and DL play and think it's time we get a special teams score. This will be a great measuring stick for us going fo...