Forum Rules

Treat other posters with respect. We're all human beings here; we may have differing opinions from time to time, but don't resort to personal attacks to get your point across.

Avoid pointless flaming. We welcome and encourage the viewpoints of opposing fanbases, but let's keep the recourse lively and intelligent and avoid flaming and excessive smack talk. The exception to this is in the Warzone.

Keep it family friendly. Keep the language and any images or links you post family friendly and work safe.

Remember the players are kids, and the coaches are human. Of course, we're all going to be negative after a loss, but remember these players are kids. Criticism is okay, but if it devolves into personal attacks, that's where it crosses the line.

No trolling. If your only reason for posting is to rile up other posters, you'll get the boot pretty quick.

Spam is not tolerated. We define spam as linking to something that doesn't provide value to most of our user base with the sole intent being to advertise a product or service. If you have created something related to K-State that you feel would be of value to K-State fans, we have no issue with you linking to it, once. Of course the moderation team has the final call.

Linking to "competitors" IS allowed. We feel the need to mention this, since on most other sites it's not permitted. Found a cool story on Scout or Rivals? Feel free to link to it. News is news, and we feel by not allowing to people to post content they found elsewhere we are doing a disservice to our user base.

Keep signatures compact. It can make it hard to read a thread when people's signatures are longer than the content! No hard and fast rules; we'll let you know if yours is too big.

No illegal activity. This should go without saying, but obviously there is zero tolerance for illegal activity on this website.

Don't be a jerk to the moderators. The folks moderating this site do a thankless job and do it out of the goodness of their heart. If you treat a mod with disrespect, I leave it to the discretion of the moderator to skip the below stated steps, and jump directly to a two week ban.

Keep the political talk to Gods & Generals. If you want to talk politics, take it to G&G. The moderators reserve the right to edit out, or delete posts or threads that get political in any other forum.

What happens if I break a rule?

First minor offense: You'll receive a PM from us reminding you about the rules, and if necessary, we'll edit your post. Not a big deal.

Subsequent minor offenses: If you continue breaking the rule, you'll be issued a warning. This is simply a mark on your record that the moderators can use to keep track of who is playing nice and who isn't. There is no second warning. You'll be banned.

Major offenses: You'll be banned without warning. Depending on your history and severity of your actions, it will be either a permanent ban, or a shorter timeout, at the discretion of the moderator.

If you've been banned: If you want a second chance, PM a moderator or administrator. We will discuss it between ourselves and may decide to reinstate your posting rights; no promises, though.

Specifically for G&G: Generally speaking, we will move threads that get out of control to the Warzone. If a single user continues to be a problem for the moderators, causing us to have to move threads too often, we reserve the right to ban the user from either the entire site, or from Gods & Generals specifically.


Any urgent questions can be directed to: JazzCatDRP. is moderated by: JazzCatDRP, Willie78, learnin, ElwellCudT, Mauser, catfan28, and Puffdad.